Ubisoft Mainz provides two cosmetic DLCs for Anno 1800 in prospect. In the past few weeks, players had the opportunity to vote on their favorites. Five subject areas were available for selection in a survey. The result is now available: The “Lively Cities” package (35.87 percent of the votes) and the “Pedestrian Zones” package (29.43 percent of the votes) have won. Like Ubisoft Mainz on the Anno website announces, the developers are now starting to implement the cosmetic enhancements, such as adding new ornaments to the building game.

“As we announced in our announcement, our team can now start developing the two winning themes and we plan to release them later this year,” said the developers. Specific dates and details should be submitted in the coming weeks and months. The Lively Cities package comes with additional skins for the buildings in Anno 1800 (buy now 31,99 € /26,99 € ) in the game. The pedestrian zone package, in turn, promises further overpasses and underpasses, statues and fountains.

As soon as we get more details, you will find out as usual on our website. In response to the announcement, the developers wrote: “The exact content and scope depend a little on the theme of the pack, especially since one of the themes is another package with skins (this time for buildings).” The Cosmetic DLCs appear at a price of 4.99 euros each. Last year, players were able to use the Vote the content of the Cosmetic DLC. The circus DLC is again in last place this year. The cosmetic packages are not part of Season Pass 3. As part of the relay pass, the two extensions travel time and roofs of the city are planned for this year. The Speicherstadt DLC is already available.

Anno 1800: Trailer for Season Pass 3 – the new expansions for 2021

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