Today the Anno 1800 Update 12.1 is available for download. As Ubisoft Mainz announced on Twitter, the patch will be available from 6 p.m. This means that the approximately 700 megabyte update will appear at the same time as the pedestrian zone package. In addition to support for the new Cosmetic DLC, the update also contains a number of bug fixes and optimizations, as can be seen from the patch notes on the Anno website. Among other things, an exploit was fixed in which the construction wheel from one region was accessible in other regions. In addition, the “+20 percent hit rate” effect from Captain Ibrahim now also affects ships when he is equipped in the item slot.

After downloading the Anno 1800 (buy now 31,47 € /53,99 € ) Updates 12.1 should no longer cause planted trees to disappear after saving and loading. The fix means that the trees can no longer be planted near roads or buildings. Furthermore, items from the travel time and roofs of the city DLCs can be bought from retailers without first having to develop them in the research institute. The patch notes also indicate that the developers have fixed an issue with ships on trade routes trading on the ocean. The creators also solve a memory problem: The savegames should now be created correctly. The last time it happened that saved games with the same name were overwritten.

After downloading the Anno 1800 Update 12.1, notifications should no longer appear delayed after clicking on resident quests. In the quests, Ubisoft Mainz fixed a campaign blocker during the “Family Ties” mission. Meanwhile, Ditchwater Island should now be properly revealed. The update is rounded off by individual optimizations for localization and text. The full Patch notes for the new Anno 1800 update can be found on the website for the building game.

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