Anno 1800: Update 9 with many improvements – Preview of the patch notes – Game updates

With Update 9, the release of the next major patch for Anno 1800 is getting closer. The free update should appear in October – together with the new paid DLC "Land of the Lions" (included in the Season Pass). In one current blog entry gives Blue Byte an outlook on the changes and innovations to be expected. The developers should submit the complete patch notes at a later date. With the current versions, however, players already receive a first preview of Update 9. The focus is on optimizations that should improve the gaming experience.

"The release of a new DLC and a major game update should be a happy event for everyone in the Anno community," comment the developers. Unlike previous patches, Update 9 will not have a major main feature. Instead, the developers want to concentrate on making the existing features simpler and more convenient. With the Anno 1800 Update 9 should, for example, make it possible to set a certain island as the target of your ships after the session change. If the ship should change the session, a new menu opens with a list of all sessions and the islands you control. (buy now for € 24.99)

With the Update 9 will be available in Anno 1800 it will also be possible to jump to any ship in the game world directly from the trade route menu using CTRL + mouse click. A ship lost at sea will leave a marker in the trade route menu. The notifications for ships and fleets when a new session is reached should also be improved with Update 9. In addition, it will be possible in the future to see the current cargo and the equipped items of a ship in the trade route menu.

Blue Byte is also working on the items. In the blog post, the developers say: "Although fast unloading only works in your own ports, with Update 9 there is a good reason to visit other characters' islands regularly." For this, the item pools of the AI ​​characters have been revised and cleaned up. The developers also promise more control at the world exhibition. For example, if you have unlocked four levels, you can choose which box you want to receive as a reward – whether box one, two, three or four. In addition, all buildings that can be pedestal with items have a search function like the office.

The developers also promise various AI improvements for Anno 1800 Update 9. In the statistics menu, for example, you can select several islands at the same time to see the combined statistics. From the release of the patch it will also be possible to freely define which five goods you want to have displayed in the menu. There are also optimizations for switching your ships through with the tab key.

The Anno 1800 Patch 9 also applies changes to the newspaper. In the future, you can, among other things, specify that articles are printed repeatedly for as long as desired. In addition, the time intervals between the newspapers are adapted to the length of the game. As a result, the newspaper should demand less attention later in the game. Blue Byte has more information ready in a recent blog post. In the coming weeks, the developers want to present more information about the land of the lion DLC for Anno 1800.

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