A tweet on Metal Gear Solid’s official Twitter account is currently causing some fan speculation. In a response to Tom Olsen – another curious profile related to Metal Gear – it said that several visitors are expected next week. The picture shows the computer room from Metal Gear Solid 2. Fans believe there could be more to it.

There have been rumors of a supposed remake of Metal Gear Solid in the past. Because the picture shows a location from part 2 of the series, fans can also imagine a new edition of Sons of Liberty. However, we do not know whether this will happen. Next week at the latest, we will also find out whether there is actually more to the tweet of the Metal Gear Solid account. Followers are also currently wondering what the curious profile of the fictional person Tom Olsen is all about.

The account posted its first tweet on April 8, 2021 and pretends to be an employee on Big Shell – the main venue of Metal Gear Solid 2. Tom Olsen himself only follows the Twitter profiles of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, Konami and the New York Mets. For the past few days, he has been sharing pictures of his work place regularly. On April 30th, he celebrates his birthday – here too, fans now believe in a possible announcement. Until there is an official announcement, these rumors should be treated with the utmost caution.

via Siliconer

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