Announcement of the DualShock controller from Fan causes enthusiasm

PlayStation fans still have to be patient: According to Sony, waiting for the PlayStation 5 should end at the end of the year. We still don't know what the final console and matching controller will look like. However, a fan-made video allows a look at a DualShock controller that would definitely inspire the community.

So far, the specific information about the next-gen console PlayStation 5 is still very rare in some respects, so fans do not know what it really looks like in the end, how much it costs and on what date it appears. This information could be released in the coming weeks as part of a Sony Events, consequences.

While fans have to wait for more information, some of them get creative. Some already create game case patterns, others create impressive console models using dreams. Others create incredibly detailed teasers for accessories. For example, YouTuber Giuseppe Spinelli, who is an impressive DualShock controller video created.

PlayStation has gone through a major development.

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Sentences like "Sony should hire you", "I never thought the video was fan-made" and "This is better than Sony ever could" are commented below the video that already over 3.3 million views Has. Giuseppe Spinelli created an incredibly detailed video on the PS5 DualShock controller and if you didn't know it, you would never figure it out Not is a professional video from the studio.

He creates his works using factsthat can be read and known from previous patents. Most of the audience reacted positively and hoped that the controller would look like this in the end and bring the same functions.

What do you say about the video? Did you think it was a fan made video? Please write us your opinion in the comments.