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The alpha phase for the online role-playing game New World actually took place in May 2019. However, so much has changed since then, especially with regard to PvP, that the developers of Amazon Game Studio have recently started another alpha test. Although all testers had to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), one or two feedback has already been released to the public.

Since New World Alpha Trial ends A lot happened in May 2019. For example, the developers of Amazon Game Studio decided to use the complete one based on the player feedback To change the PvP areato eradicate potential sources of frustration and, more generally, focus less on player-to-player battles.

The developers announced via Twitter a few days ago that the alpha test phase is now continuing. During the alpha and the closed beta planned for April, old and new players will receive invitations for the test phases in waves. Anyone testing New World (buy now for € 39.99) want to help can do so on the official website to register.

Although the testers had to agree to a confidentiality agreement (NDA) as a condition for participation in the Alpha, one or the other feedback has already been released to the public (via Reddit 1 / Reddit 2). With the new focus on PvE content and optional PvP, the game is said to have lost something important, namely the constant feeling of danger as you move around the world. Another problem now is that the game should have lost its identity due to the change of focus. The clear PvP / sandbox frame in the game's Open World is now said to have given way to a half-baked mishmash without a clear line. The first alpha phase was therefore much more fun for the critics. For example, a player writes that he had 150 hours of play on the speedometer in the first alpha. In the current Alpha, however, he was "bored to death" after five hours.

However, the developers no longer have too much time to react to the feedback from the current Alpha. The release of New World is scheduled for May 26, 2020.

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