The cosplayer Christina Volkova, better known under the name likeassassin, once again makes us happy with a breathtaking cosplay for a very popular franchise. Likeassassin has slipped into the roles of Ciri from The Witcher 3 and Ellie from The Last of Us several times. Today’s cosplay depicts the character of Ciri again and she succeeded again very well.

Likeassassin is now a well-known guest here with us, as she has done a really good job with each of her cosplays so far. Her last Ciri cosplay was almost indistinguishable from a screenshot from the actual game. Her latest cosplay for the character probably shows a simple wooden hut in the background and she herself kneels on the floor with her sword drawn. Perhaps she is on the trail of a dangerous monster or is preparing for a duel with her mentor, who knows.

This cosplay was also very well received by the community. Her shared picture received numerous upvotes and Reddit awards, as is always the case with the work of likeassassin. If you want to see more brilliant cosplays, you can go to the Christina Volkova’s Instagram page will probably find everything your heart desires. In addition to cosplays for Ciri and Ellie, the talented cosplayer also slipped into the role of characters such as Albedo from Overlord, D.VA from Overwatch, and 2B from Nier: Automata.

Most recently we were able to look forward to a cosplay for Ela from Rainbow Six: Siege, which was not designed by likeassassin, but still looks pretty good.

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