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After John Yang and Don Vu, David Kim, another Diablo developer, joins the WoW team. Kim previously worked on Diablo 4. His new role on the WoW team is Principal Game Designer.

From Diablo 4 Lead Systems Designer to World of Warcraft Principal Game Designer: It's not uncommon for developers on the Blizzard team to hop back and forth between games and positions, David Kim but seems to be the all-rounder among the devs. Kim's move to the WoW team was probably due to the crunch shortly before the Shadowlands expansion, which as we know had to be postponed and will now be released on November 25, 2020.

WoW: Lead System Designer David Kim changes from Diablo 4 to the WoW team (2)

WoW: Lead System Designer David Kim changes from Diablo 4 to the WoW team (2)

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Kim spent most of his time developing Starcraft 2 until he switched to Heroes, only to end up back at Strarcaft a short time later and, after working on Diablo 4, now jump into the WoW team. What effects this will have on the work on Diablo can only be speculated, since the development of the 4th part seems to be in an early phase and Kim's work there was certainly not yet finished. Kim's role on the Diablo team is from Joe Piepiora replaced. The lead system designer has been working on Diablo for a while and has been promoted within the team.

It's not the first time that the WoW team has pulled developers from Diablo to change Blizzards MMORPG. John Yang and Don Vu from Diablo were integrated into the WoW team at the beginning of 2016. The influence of the two could be seen directly: WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) Legion delivered a whole expansion with Legendrays, the world quests system was taken over by the Bountys, the system of the great nephalem portals was transferred to Mythic-Plus and the random factor has played an increasingly important role in WoW in recent years. The approval of WoW seems to go further. We're excited to see which Diablo features will find their way into the Shadowlands.

Source: linkedin

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