Thursday, April 15, 2021

Another exclusive PS4 game finds its way to PC

Image source: Sony PlayStation / Getty Images / bigtunaonline

It’s already happened with games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, and now another exclusive PS4 game is coming out for PC. You can find out what it is from us.

PlayStation 4

Steam records an interactive thriller

The game in question is called Erica. This is one interactive thriller, in which you slip into the role of the young woman of the same name. She wants to solve the mystery of her family’s occult past and the murder of her father. Similar to making decisions in games like Life is Strange your choices also here about how the story develops.

Erica: When will the game be on Steam?

British developer Flavourworks has announced that the game available from May 25, 2021 and 11.99 dollars, the equivalent of about 10 euros. Initially, however, there should be a discount of 10% – so you save a little.

When the PS4 version was released, the game received at Metacritic an average rating of 69, but the story has received multiple praise.

Erica is available for iOS devices, the PS4 and is expected to be available on May 25, 2021 for the PC.

Erica im PlayStation Store

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