Another game in progress besides Avowed and Grounded

from Andreas Bertits
Obsidian Entertainment is currently working on the survival game Grounded and the role-playing game Avowed. According to Game Director Josh Sawyer, another project is currently being planned.

With Microsoft as the new parent company Obsidian entertainment much more opportunities to develop new games. You can already see that in the RPG Avowed, which becomes a kind of Skyrim in the world of Pillars of Eternity and would not have been possible for the studio in the past.

From Avowed we have only seen the announcement teaser so far, we do not know what the RPG really looks like. With Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment has gone further. You can already play the survival game in an early access version on PC and Xbox One. The studio would actually have their hands full with that. But according to Game Director Josh Sawyer, the team is even working on an additional title.

There's more to come from obsidian

In a slightly longer post Tumblr Sawyer explained what he is currently doing at Obsidian Entertainment. Surprisingly, he never mentioned that he is running a game project like he did at PoE. Then a fan asked and Sawyer replied that he now had his own project and it wasn't Avowed. It is also not Grounded, because this game is developed under Game Director Adam Brennecke.

So it's a third game that is currently being created by Obsidian Entertainment. Josh Sawyer is a big role-playing fan, so it is likely that this game is also an RPG. Maybe it's Pillars of Eternity 3 that he talked about recently. He said that the team should feel like it, then the sequel could be developed. Maybe it's a new scenario. Science fiction would bring some variety.

However, since the project is obviously only just beginning, we will probably have to wait a while before we learn more about it.

Source: Twitter

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