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With a series offshoot of the cinema giant "The Lord of the Rings", Amazon wants to catapult itself to number 1 of the streaming providers. Except for a handful of actors, almost nothing is known about the series. Maxim Baldry now joins the cast in another leading role.

It has been a while since Amazon managers announced their new major project for "The Lord of the Rings" for the first time. So that the series can actually be released in the course of 2021, there is still a lot on the to-do list. The cast is still incomplete, and Vernon Sanders, co-head of Amazon’s TV department, said key roles still need to be filled. In the meantime, at least one other leading actor has been announced, the name of which most of you will probably have no picture in mind. Maxim Baldry is the name of the 24-year-old newcomer and it is not yet known which character he should play.

Who is Maxim Baldry?

Baldry's acting career started in his early childhood when he appeared in 2007 as "Stepan Dachevsky" in "Mr. Bean goes on vacation". One or the other may still remember this, even if it was a long time ago. In "Years and Years", a production by HBO and BBC, he played the character "Viktor Goraya", a Ukrainian refugee who has to leave the country due to his homosexuality to escape further torture. If you want to get an idea of ​​Baldry, you can see the series "Years and Years" on Amazon since March 5th. Maxim Baldry is already joining in the Lord of the Rings branch well-known actors like Morfydd Clark who will play Galadriel, and Robert Aramayo, who is supposed to embody the main character Beldor.

Little or nothing is known about the new Lord of the Rings series. Amazon is completely silent about the plot and does not let even the smallest information leak through. So far, we only know that the series is scheduled to play in the Second Age. However, this time says less than one might think, since it spans a span of 3,441 years. Sauron forges the rings of power during this period and was also defeated for the first time, but we will have to be patient until we know the details of the action. Amazon is already so convinced of its own production, that the second season was even commissioned.

Have you ever seen Maxim Baldry in a film or series? Do you think the Lord of the Rings series is likely to be released in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Movie starts and Deadline

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