A good year after Anthem's flopped release, BioWare boss Casey Hudson announces a complete redesign of the game. Until the supposed rescue, support for the game is limited to a minimum.

BioWare and EA don't want to give up Anthem yet. What made the rounds months ago has now been officially confirmed: BioWare will completely revise the game. In a blog post Hudson said:

“Last year the team worked hard to improve stability, performance and overall quality while delivering three seasons with new content and features. We have also heard your feedback that Anthem needs a more satisfying loot experience, better long-term progress, and a satisfactory endgame. So we understand that more needs to be done to bring out the full potential of the gaming experience, and it will require a more substantial reinvention than an update or expansion. Over the next few months we will focus on a long-term redesign of the gaming experience, especially the core game elements, we will reinvent with new goals, motivating challenges and progress with meaningful rewards, while enjoying the fun of flying and fighting in a broad science fantasy – keep setting. And to do that right, we're doing something we should have done more often the first time: giving a focused team time to test and replay, with the primary focus on gameplay. ”

He added that Anthem is not getting any new content for this time because the team is working on the redesign. The previous events will return to the game from time to time.

Hudson has not yet revealed exactly how this redesign will look. So it's hard to say if this will save Anthem.

Original message from November 16, 2019:

Anthem: restart for the online shooter? BioWare is working on a complete revision

In the past few months, Anthem has become quite quiet. BioWare was more likely to make headlines because of team members who left the company, and with it the projects. Behind closed doors, however, there is much more going on and in planning than you think.

After major roleplay titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, fans were surprised at the development of BioWare. Suddenly the company tried a shooter, but fell on the nose with the online action game Anthem. The hoped-for success failed to materialize, harsh reviews spread, and even if BioWare always assured that Anthem was not finished, it was hard to believe.

Loud Kotaku BioWare is currently planning a lot in relation to Anthem, and there is even talk of a complete overhaul in the offices in Texas and Canada.

Order is half life.

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Revision or a completely new game?

Something is happening at Anthem, but what exactly it is is still unclear. It could be a major overhaul, or a completely new version of the game. "We have spent months analyzing what we need to change fundamentally and have been working on a revision since then"Said an employee.

However, according to Live Services chief Chad Robertson, the system needs more work than can be done with quick fixes and a team is already working on it. "The results are promising"Said Robertson.