Bioware had to announce in a blog that they are no longer working on Anthem Next. The major overhaul of the loot shooter is off the table.

Bioware pulls the plug at Anthem Next

It already became apparent a few days ago when insider and games journalist Jason Schreier said that Anthem Next was being scrutinized at Electronic Arts and that the publisher would shortly decide how to proceed with the project. Now it is clear: Anthem Next is not coming.

Christian Dailey, Studio Director at Bioware, shared the news on a blog. He explains that the team had to make the tough decision and stop working on Anthem Next. In the past few months, the team has tried to create a new version of the loot shooter, which did not start well when it was released in February 2019. Above all, points of criticism such as endgame content and loot should be addressed.

According to Christian Dailey, 2020 has ensured that nothing will come of the project. The corona pandemic meant that Bioware could not work as effectively as hoped. The focus should be on Dragon Age and Mass Effect to strengthen these two brands. There just wasn't enough time or capacity left for Anthem Next.

The studio manager explains on the blog, "I know it's disappointing for the Anthem player community because they've been excited to see the improvements we've been working on. It's also disappointing for the team that did a brilliant job. And for me personally, Anthem is what brought me to BioWare, and the past two years have been some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career. "

So now it's clear: we will never see Anthem Next. The previous version of the loot shooter Anthem (buy now € 19.99 /€ 56.99 ) but should continue to be supported with the live service that was previously available.

Source: Bioware blog

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