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While the currently incumbent US President Donald Trump, who has just survived his coronavirus infection with a black eye, endangers thousands of fans in his "Super-Spreader" live rallies, the Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is completely virus-proof among Us Twitch – and reaches many times more potential voters.

To Ex-US President Barack Obama with around 124 million Twitter followers, the 2020 presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and his runner-up candidate Kamala Harris Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC for short) is currently the most famous face of the US Democrats. The New Yorker and youngest member of the US House of Representatives supports, among other things, the Green New Deal for an ecological restructuring of industrial society, general state health insurance, the abolition of the US immigration authorities and an increase in the minimum wage – pure socialism, in the eyes of many Americans .

In just under two weeks, on November 3, 2020, the elections for the 46th president in the United States will take place. The topic dominating the election is, like in many other places, the coronavirus pandemic and the considerable human and economic losses in the USA, since the incumbent President Donald Trump reacted far too late in the spring. But there is even more at stake, because America is faced with the deep social division before the choice of which form of government it wants in the future – democratic or authoritarian. Democrats and Republicans are currently using the last few days of the hot election campaign phase to mobilize their voters. The Democrats hope for the highest possible turnout ("voter turnout") for victory; The Republicans are trying, among other things, to take action against postal voting ("Voter Suppression"). So a great deal will depend on voter turnout.

While Donald Trump is currently trundling through the so-called "battleground" states despite the coronavirus pandemic in order to mobilize his "base" in live events, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has opted for a smart, secure solution. On Tuesday evening of this week, she streamed together with Twitch greats like "Pokimane", "Hasanabi" or "Disguised Toast" as well as colleague Ilhan Omar live the current hit game "Among Us" and called the audience to vote. It reached 500,000 potential voters during this time without endangering even a single one with a possible virus infection – Chapeau!

You can watch the recording of the very entertaining live stream – currently almost 5 million views – here on Twitch. You can see some highlights from Twitter below.

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Live streaming: Shortly after the stream started, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez topped the online multiplayer deduction game "Among Us" at number 1 on the Twitch channels (Source:

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