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Electronic Arts officials have announced that a mobile version of Apex Legends is still planned. Together with a partner from China, the offshoot for iOS and Android is well developed. The release in China should also take place shortly. The makers would like to reveal more details about the mobile version shortly.

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced that Apex Legends (buy now for € 16.99) will continue to appear for mobile devices. The makers spoke about an implementation in May 2019, but it has not yet been published. The responsible parties have revealed to the investors present that they are currently in talks with a partner from China, who will probably also be responsible for the development of the mobile version of the Battle Royale shooter.

Electronic Arts has still not given an appointment. The publisher would like to announce further details shortly. In addition to the development of Apex Legends for iOS and Android, the partner from China will also deal with the release of the main game in the country. On February 4, 2020, players can also look forward to the start of Season 4 in Apex Legends. The new content will also include a new legend for the Battle Royale shooter.

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