Apex Legends: Developers customize Battle Pass

At the start of Season 7 in Apex Legends, EA and Respawn Entertainment made some changes to the Battle Pass. Accordingly, players now collect stars that are necessary for leveling up. A total of ten pieces are required to level up. However, only a short time after the launch of Battle Pass 7 there was clear criticism of the new system. It took players much longer to advance a level at all. Now the makers have reacted.

After previously having to collect 10,000 XP for a single star, this value has now been reduced to 5,000 XP. So players only need half as many experience points. In addition, the weekly challenges will also be shortened. In general, content in Apex Legends should now be unlocked faster. With the start of Season 7, Respawn Entertainment has completely revised the challenges. For example, weekly challenges are now available over the course of the entire season. Daily challenges have also been added.

The team has now also revealed the ulterior motive for the changes on Twitter. Accordingly, the aim was to offer more things over the entire course of the season and to motivate players to try out other legends and play styles. Respawn also admits they missed the target on the first try and hope the new update is better now. We reported yesterday about the changes in Season 7.

via PCGamer

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