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As of today, the new Apex Legends event "Old Customs" begins. This is all about the legendary legend Bloodhound and, in addition to fresh skins, also has new gameplay in its luggage. In Bloodhound's trials you fight the local alien fauna, in addition, the Königsschlucht map and the Duos mode can now remain permanently in the game. The trailer reveals more about the innovations.

Respawn Entertainment is launching the next big event for Apex Legends today. "The old ways" (The Old Ways) is all about the popular sniffer dog Bloodhound and its history. Of course, this includes fresh skins for the Nordic tactician, but the new game mode also has a clear Bloodhound reference.

It's called "Bloodhound Trials" and there are now nasty predators waiting for you. In addition to the usual battles against other legends, you also have to defend yourself against a horde of Prowlers. A lot of good loot beckons as a reward. In addition, you can look forward to new skins for your legends: Bloodhound's new skins Young Blood and Wise Warrior stand out.

After a small animated trailer indicated the context of the event last week, a new trailer with gameplay scenes appeared last night. From today until April 21, you can take part in the event to secure the legendary skins – or simply to try out the new mode.

Apex Legends: The Apex map is comparatively small, but it provides plenty of quick action.

Königsschlucht returns – and this time forever.

Source: Electronic Arts

Regardless of the new content, well-known content will also come back – and this time it will remain. Because from now on the duos mode for two-person squads and the popular first apex map Königsschlucht can be played permanently. In the future, you will always be spoiled for choice in terms of maps and modes.

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