Apex Legends: New update for the start of the lost treasures – time, patch notes – game updates

from David Martin
Today is the start of Lost Treasures in Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has already published a time for the activation of the new event: The new event should go live at 5:00 p.m. In line with this, a new update will appear, which will add additional content for the Battle Royale shooter. The patch notes are extensive. For example, an extended Armed & Dangerous LTM is on the list of changes and innovations. Only shotguns and sniper rifles are allowed here. Mobile respawn beacons are also new. We have the highlights from the new Apex Legends Update in the article.

In Apex Legends Lost Treasures is about to start: the event will be activated this afternoon. Respawn Entertainment has already mentioned one time: The launch of the Lost Treasures event is scheduled for 5 p.m. In line with this, the developers publish a new update with additional features, improvements and optimizations. The developers have posted the patch notes with all changes and innovations on the website of Publisher Electronic Arts.

For example, Apex Legends players can enjoy an enhanced Armed & Dangerous LTM (Armed & Dangerous). This version only allows shotguns and sniper rifles. You start with a Mozambique and Evo. All other armor is not available in this game mode. With the Apex Legends Update, the developers are also introducing mobile respawn beacons. Such an item is in your inventory in the Armed & Dangerous LTM. From there, you can place it anywhere on the map to save fallen teammates.

In the southeast of the map you will also discover Crypto's card room. Uses the technology to reveal the locations of all legends on the map. You will also find out which enemy squads are nearby. In addition to the new features, the new Apex Legends Update also contains several bug fixes and optimizations. There are also tweaks for legends and weapons. The full patch notes with all changes can be found on the EA website. (buy now for € 10.99)

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