The Apex Legends Season 7 has started: Respawn Entertainment activated the new season a few hours ago. As the developers on Reddit explain, it is the biggest season so far that they have implemented for the battle royale shooter. With the start of Season 7, a new update is also available for download. The patch notes with the changes and innovations are already available. One of the highlights is the new legend Horizon. As a master of gravitational fields, Horizon adds a new dimension to the games.

In the Apex Legends Season 7, Horizon creates a strong gravitational lift with its tactical repulsion star. In addition, she can maneuver in her spacesuit in the air – Horizon's abilities give her squad an advantage in higher areas and allow her to land gently. At her side is the robotic companion and ally N.E.W.T., who has been perfected in the depths of space and creates a tiny black hole that pulls squads out of cover and holds them for the kill. With the update for the start of Season 7 in Apex Legends, a new map comes into play: the Olympus map – a city in the clouds. With the new Trident hovercraft you will experience action-packed car chases. (buy now € 11.69 )

There is also a new Battle Pass to unlock Season 7 in Apex Legends. This time you climb the steps again to unlock additional items, including the "Fast Fashion" for Octane and "High Class" for Wraith. The Season 7 update is rounded off by a number of bug fixes and optimizations. The list of You can find changes on Reddit with this link. Apex Legends is available on consoles and PC.

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Apex Legends: Season 7 is about to start – date, new legend & Steam bonus

The start of the Apex Legends Season 7 is imminent: The activation will take place on November 5th. You can read all the details in the article.

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