The Unlocks the Apex Legends Season 8 "Chaos" is imminent. As Respawn Entertainment announced a few weeks ago, the go-ahead will be on February 2nd. Dataminers want to have discovered a specific time in the current game files: According to the information, the new season will go live at 7 p.m. German time. At this time, the new update should also be available for download, which will play the new content for Apex Legends. The developers have not yet published the patch notes with all the changes and innovations. However, there is already a first preview of the content to be expected.

With the start of Season 8, Fuse, Salvo's champion, comes into the Battle Royale shooter. "This season, King's Gorge is enjoying Fuse's destructive power after the huge ship he crashed on his way to the Apex Games destroyed much of the map and created new play areas. Fortunately, the Ecological Cleanup did and Hazard Outreach (ECHO) has already begun cleaning up to prepare the area for explosive firefights. ECHO tents and observation towers give the legendary map an unprecedented verticality, "writes Respawn Entertainment about the new season.

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Apex Legends: The fight night starts on January 6th

The first collection event of the seventh season of Apex Legends, "Fight Night" starts on January 6th at 5:00 am.

Fuse uses the passive grenadier ability, with which his mechanical arm throws explosives further, faster and more precisely. Fuse can also stack more grenades per inventory slot than other characters. Using the knuckle cracker tactical skill, he places a cluster bomb that splits into several small mines. On his ultimate ability, Fuse in turn pulls out the Wally rocket launcher to fire a missile that surrounds the target with a ring of fire.

Season 8 "Chaos" also features a new Battle Pass, the debut of the 30-30 repeater and, for the first time, Gold Magazines, with which the stowed weapons are always loaded. We have included a current trailer below. Apex Legends (buy now € 35.25 ) can be played on PC, PS5 / PS4 and Xbox Series X / Xbox One.

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