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Respawn Entertainment announced with Loba Andrade the new heroine for the battle royale shooter Apex Legends. It is a professional thief who seems to have a certain past with the shady Revenant. A first trailer can be seen in the message.

Shortly after the first teaser was released, the developer studio Respawn Entertainment has officially announced the latest heroine for Apex Legends. It is the professional thief named Loba Andrade who can bypass every security device, no matter how good.

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In addition, Loba seems to have some connection to the shady Revenant, which she actually tried to suppress. But in the meantime, she has caught up with her past, so that she is forced to take action. So far nothing is known about their exact in-game skills. However, we assume that due to her "thieving" background she may have hacking skills or certain types of camouflage. Loba Andrade celebrates her debut with the starting shot for Season 5 of Apex Legends (buy now for € 16.99)falling on May 12, 2020. A first trailer for the new heroine and her background story can be found directly below this message.

Source: Respawn entertainment

Apex Legends: Trailer introduces new heroine Loba Andrade

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