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With the start of Apex Legends Season 5, mysterious bunkers appeared on the map. So far, the Vaults cannot be entered. However, the developers of Respawn Entertainment seem to be planning an opening. A Dataminer now wants to have found out the specific dates when analyzing the game files. In addition to the individual location data, the Dataminer also publishes the bunker names and opening times. The bunkers in Apex Legends seem to gradually be entered.

Players have been making since Start of Apex Legends Season 5 mysterious bunkers on the map. So far, the Vaults cannot be entered. However, an opening on the part of the developers seems to be planned, as can be seen in a recent report by Dataminer Shrugtal. The reports on the short message service Twitter that he has already discovered tangible information in the game files of the Battle Royale shooter. In addition to the place names, he also publishes the individual opening times.

There are two dates per bunker. The first date indicates the opening of the vault, the second, when the bunker can be entered. The first bunker – Terminal Station F-85 – will open its paws on June 16. A week later, on June 23, the vault is said to be finally accessible. In addition, the Dataminer gives details of the golden items that are supposed to be hidden in the bunkers of Apex Legends.

If the information is correct, a knockdown shield, Prowler, Sentinel and Havoc can be found in the Vaults. We will find out whether the data mining is true in the next week at the latest when the first bunker is to open. In our news section you will find more news about the Battle Royale shooter. Season 5 started in Apex Legends in mid-May. The new legend Loba, new quests, a new Battle Pass and map changes are waiting for you. (buy now for € 14.99)

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