With the Apocalypse event, Ubisoft dares to jump into a different scenario for the tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. The world is a desert and, like in Mad Max, gangs fight for the last resources with tuned and gun-stiff vehicles.

When the last plant in the world is found in a power plant, two parties set out to find the plant. The Keepers (defenders) and Warband (attackers) fight in a variant of the “Bomb” game mode on a devastated version of the Outback map – but without vehicles. The Keepers must protect the plant until the time runs out, while the Warband tries to “defuse” the canister. A gadget that allows the warband to see if there are Keepers in a room opens up new tactics.

The Apocalypse event takes place in the tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege (buy now 15,99 € /17,99 € ) from May 4th to May 18th. There are also some end-of-time skins in the shop to match. The trailer gets you in the mood for the event.

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