Apple Arcade subscribers received a major update a few days ago that added more than 30 new titles to the mobile service for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. This means that a total of over 180 games are now available. The new additions include several projects from well-known studios and developers, which can now be played exclusively on Apple’s platform. We’ll give you some highlights.

Among other things, the latest work by Hironobu Sakaguchi and his team was published by Mistwalker, Fantasian. As the creator of Final Fantasy the developer is a household name among RPG fans. The game worlds of the title are one of the special features of Fantasian. All locations are digital copies of real dioramas specially built for the RPG. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the days of Final Fantasy. You can find a trailer here below.

Another highlight is World of Demons by Platinum Games, which was announced back in 2018 – but disappeared from the scene after a brief soft launch. Now the action game has surprisingly appeared in a new form on Apple Arcade without prior notice. You can take a look at World of Demons in the launch trailer.

And the update also has a highlight in its luggage for sports fans. Apple Arcade subscribers can now play NBA 2K21: Arcade Edition on their iOS device. Unlike the original for PC and console, the basketball simulation in this version does not offer a single microtransaction. You can watch the first gameplay scenes in the video below.

Other new additions include Star Trek: Legends, The Oregon Trail, Monument Valley, Mini Metro, and many more. Apple Arcade is currently available for 4.99 euros a month.

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