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The action game Aquanox: Deep Descent should have been released before the end of 2019, but that didn't happen. Now there is a statement from the developers, but it doesn't really answer much.

Where's the action game? Aquanox: Deep Descent, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and should actually appear before the end of 2019? The developers express themselves.

An answer without answers

In August 2019 it was called Aquanox: Deep Descent (buy now) is basically finished and would appear before the end of 2019. Since this did not happen and there was no statement from the developers, there was a lot of criticism from frustrated Kickstarter backers. But now the team has come forward.

"Hello everyone! We are indeed still here. We have been largely silent lately because of the winter break. But expect more updates soon. Here's a quick look at what's going on:
– We have collected all of your feedback (both here and through our supporter survey).
– We have drawn up a plan for how we can deal with this feedback
– We are working on making everything a reality
More information will be made available to everyone in the near future! Thank you for your support and understanding! "

So we still don't know what the status of Aquanox: Deep Descent is. However, we should soon find out when the team plans an update on the current state of affairs.

Source: Steam

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