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Korean media reports that those responsible at XL Games and Kakao have started development on ArcheAge 2. They want to create a next-generation triple-A MMORPG that has the unique freedom and sandbox style of its predecessor, but at the same time wants to combine lineage and WoW. Um, okay ?!

Korean developer Jake Song (Lineage) and his team at XL Games started developing the online role-playing game ArcheAge nine years ago. Just two years later, the MMORPG celebrated its launch in Korea. On September 16, 2014, the servers went online for Europe and North America. Since then a lot has happened. ArcheAge itself can now be played for free. With ArcheAge: Unchained there is also an alternative Buy2Play version since last year. In June 2020, the developers announced that 25 million players playing the online role-playing game ahead of the "Garden of the Gods" update should have played worldwide – an impressive number.

But apparently the story of the ArcheAge franchise is far from over. According to Massivelyop Various Korean media reports that the creator of the first part, Jake Song, wants to develop a successor. In the following we have summarized the previously known information for you:

  • ArcheAge 2 is supposed to be a triple-A MMORPG of the next generation that has the unique freedom and sandbox style of its predecessor, but at the same time wants to combine lineage and WoW.
  • The team currently consists of 50 people, XL Games and Kakao are responsible for the development.
  • The plan is to continue to grow the team and bring the game to market faster than its predecessor. They want to focus on certain core content such as housing and seafaring and offer the players the greatest possible freedom. What you definitely don't want: to do justice to all types of players and ultimately deliver a "feature creep" with too many systems and functions.
  • There should be more information about ArcheAge 2 next year.

What do you think of the announcement? Would you like to play an ArcheAge 2? Let us know in the comments!

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