On December 17th, the first premium DLC for the Arctic Pack will be released Planet Zoo, You may look forward to some new features.

Much new content

The new contents of Planet Zoo include four new species, two more scenarios and more than a hundred new landscaping options. Also on December 17, a free update will be released, adding some new features, enhancements and fixes to the game. This includes an age slider over which you can slow down the aging process of the animals. Also included are an ad of the direct family members in the Animal Info Panel as well as new heatmaps with information on criminal activities and inbreeding.

These new animals can be found in the DLC:

Mountain sheep
• Originally from North America, with white to slate-brown fur and tortuous, tawny horns.
• The sheep live in the subpolar regions of Alaska, the Yukon Territory, the Mackenzie Mountains, as well as in the center and north of British Columbia.
• Bighorn sheep prefer relatively dry areas with a mix of alpine ridges, meadows and steep slopes with rough terrain. This allows them to quickly flee from predators that are not that fast in such terrain.

• Polar bears are a large species of bear that lives in the Arctic Circle and Subpolar regions. Their coat is completely white, they have dark eyes and noses.
• Polar bears are the largest land predators in the world.
• Polar bears do not need to drink because they can produce liquid by digesting bacon.
• Polar bears are loners, only mothers live together with their young.

Polar Wolf
• Polar Wolves, also known as White Wolves, are from North Canada and Greenland. They hunt in large packs and feed mainly on musk oxen and snow bunnies, but also foxes, birds and bear cubs and carrion sometimes end up on their menu.
• Arctic wolves are larger and stockier than other wolf species, allowing them to endure tougher living conditions.
• They can survive in temperatures down to -53 °.

• Reindeer are ungulates that are native to polar and subpolar regions.
• The appearance of a reindeer depends on place of origin and season, but generally they have brown-white fur, a head with white underside and muzzle, sometimes with a dark spot.
• The North American reindeer (Caribou) travels up to 5000 km on its journeys – more than any other land mammal.
• The oldest and most dominant reindeer males have the biggest antlers.

This awaits you in the new scenarios:

• Players head to the Scandinavian fjords to build a secluded animal sanctuary, bring Arctic wildlife to their zoo, nurture it and ensure their habits suit them.

• Players expand an existing zoo with a hint of frost and learn how to properly treat Arctic animals in a hot climate.

The Arctic Pack will be released on December 17 for € 9.99 on Steam.

Source: Press release

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