This column has been going on for weeks before me. It doesn’t matter, because as long as the WoW makers don’t announce another Allied Race in World of Warcraft, my opinion remains valid, doesn’t it? I was persuaded to write the column after all by one of our loyal MMORE Lesys. Because from that direction I am told of 50 occupied character slots on the account, and of the pain of having to delete a beloved hero just so that you can add another newcomer to your collection.

The problem with the space

Our Lesy writes that after 16 years of WoW there are so many characters with whom you associate very special experiences or achievements that at some point it is difficult to give up one of the characters just because there is a new “kid in town”. “In the meantime I’ve had to delete so many characters, and I would like to keep the ones I still have now. But if only ONE new people are added, I have to start deleting an old one that is important to me for each new character, because I I have occupied all 50 places “, it says in the message to us.

This could quickly solve the problem that the WoW veterans in particular face among the players. Our Lesy says: “There were players who really thought about ways to make more slots available – quest series, for example, or that you could get 2 slots for 5 years of active WoW gaming. I would even be grudgingly prepared for each slot to pay – and although Blizz is usually vampire-like looking for every opportunity to tap gold or euros, they buck on the subject and claim that nobody needs more than 50 slots. “

The problem is probably not that the people at Activision Blizzard wouldn’t happily take your money, just the tech. The framework on which World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) running has just been around in the years when WoW was launched. Just increasing the character slots per server took what felt like an eternity. The dog seems to be buried there somewhere, and I’m afraid vets with a wide range of characters will have to be patient there. But … maybe such a solution is no longer needed.

Where are the Allied Peoples?

I’ve always believed that Allied Races are the lame excuse for not having to do the development work for a completely new race of players. A new race needs a new rig that has specific joints attached, an exterior, a cool look, animations, race skills, their very own clipping issues with clothes, and more.

It takes a lot of time until something like this is finished, and you can save that too. For example, if you take the existing models and applaud the character customization options that players have wanted for eons. Red orcs, for example. “Blood Elves” for the Alliance. “Night Elves” for the Horde. Tattoos for dwarfs. AU righteous male trolls. Furries for the furry fans of the Horde, inspired by the movements of the goblins. It’s quite nice, but in my opinion it doesn’t replace a completely new people with a rich lore.

Apparently a certain tiredness has returned to Blizzard as well. Shadowlands is an expansion with no apparent allies. Kyrians might still be made. And the Venthyr, okay. Flying night fears and absurd monstrosities, on the other hand, tend to disappear. Even if a people could be found there, wouldn’t shadow countries allies take the concept of pacts ad absurdum?

Doesn’t matter, because as long as the developers of Blizzard don’t decide to bring an ally or a real new race into the game, at least the above-mentioned veterans with space problems have a few quiet nights. If, however, a new people or a new class does arise, it would be really nice of the WoW creators to take seriously the problems of players who don’t want to constantly delete a hero. Because for these players it feels a bit like murder. Doesn’t have to be, does it?

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