Are PS5 games getting more expensive? Sony contradicts itself

How much more expensive are the PS5 games and why? Sony now expresses itself and contradicts itself with it.

PlayStation 5

PS5 price hike: Sony wants to dispel the rumors

Just recently, Bloomberg announced that it was supposed to be PS5 games up to $ 80 cost before in-house game prices were fixed at $ 70, so IGN.

This statement, or rather assertion, bothered none other than Sony CEO Jim Ryan. In an interview with The Telegraph he wants to make it clear once and for all: That's not true.

He says there was no talk of increasing all games to a retail price of $ 80, the current increase from $ 60 to $ 70 but he thinks fair. In direct comparison with other media, people spend a lot more hours playing their favorite games than other forms of digital entertainment. That justifies the increase to $ 70. But that is not a promise that all games will stay at this price in the future.

Why do some PS5 games still cost 80 euros?

Unfortunately, the non-promise was fulfilled faster than expected, because not all PS5 games stay below the "70 Euro" limit. Though according to Ryan it wasn't planned there are several games right at the launch of the PS5 that ask you to pay up to 80 euros. At least in the PlayStation Store you can get Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for almost 75 euros, Godfall and Demon's Souls even for about 80 euros at the time of this news.

The games are certainly worth their price, but the fact that numbers in the range of 80 euros should not have been planned, contradicts the current pricing of the games mentioned a little. Sony has not yet spoken out on this.

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PS5: Launch title – all games that you can play right at the start

Sony has not yet commented on the more expensive games and so far there have been significant price deviations in the games published so far. How much full price titles will cost on the PS5 in the future remains unclear for the time being. In all likelihood, however, it should stay at 70 to 80 euros.