PS5 scalpers slowly see their skins swim away. The next-gen consoles are being sold at increasingly cheaper prices. In this country, however, an opposite trend can be observed.

PlayStation 5

PS5 prices in the freine case: Scalpers sell consoles cheaper and cheaper

The official MSRP of the PlayStation 5 with disc drive is 499 euros. But since the release, the console is only rarely really available at this price. Almost a year after its release, the PS5 is almost always sold out, because scalpers tear the quotas under the nail and then resell expensive.

But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. According to current reports Scalpers sell the console cheaper and cheaper. While around 1,000 US dollars per console were called for the scalper wedding on Cyber ​​Weekend 2020, prices on StockX in the USA have now fallen significantly. On average, the PS5 goes for about 715 US dollars, is therefore almost 30 percent cheaper (Those: Forbes).

Particularly astonishing: According to the resellers the number of consoles sold remains the sameHowever, the prices for the consoles keep falling. It seems like customers are less and less willing to pay moon prices for the console.

Buying a used PlayStation 5: How is it in Germany?

While prices are slowly falling in the USA, they are rising again in Germany. The disc version of the PlayStation 5 currently costs around 725 euros on eBay, while the digital edition changes hands for around 670 euros. For comparison: At the beginning of August the disc edition cost only 630 euros, the version without a drive was even available for 550 euros.

Check out the PS5 disc version on eBay
Check out the PS5 Digital Edition on eBay

A few weeks ago, Sony presented its new sales targets for the PS5, which may, however, have an impact on pricing in the reseller market. This is what the company wants in the current fiscal year Sell ​​14.8 million consoles. Sony seems to anticipate that in the future it will be able to solve production difficulties and improve availability.

The PS5 may therefore be available in stores as usual at Christmas. In any case, the scalpers seem to slowly swim away in the USA. Now we can only hope that this trend will slowly set in with us too.