Are we really dead? Story spoiler of the introductory quest

Shadowlands is the underworld of WoW, which is divided into different areas. Basically, it's not just hell, it's basically heaven. In any case, it is the place where sentient beings are sent from Azeroth when they die. Our heroes also go to the Shadowlands. But does that really mean that we have blessed the temporal forever? In the Shadowlands Alpha game files a quest text has been found to try to explain this. This is most likely the introductory quest to the Shadowlands. As always: spoilers at your own risk.

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WoW Shadowlands: Are We Really Dead? Introductory Quest Story Spoiler (2)

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On your journey to the afterlife, your first companion is the Kyrian Kleia. Our character keeps asking her about the throat and the followers of the throat, the "Mawsworn". This suggests that our adventure in the Shadowlands starts right there. The Kyrians do not want to know much about the gullet and skilfully avoid our questions

Kleia: Oh, you have to have so many questions! Are you ready to start

Player: <Tries to ask questions about the throat>

Kleia; The gorge is truly a terrible place. I have heard stories of the horrors that are causing mischief there. But don't be afraid, you are here in Bastion. There is no place in the Shadowlands that differs from the Maw.


Kleia: Don't worry, we all start our journey a little … confused. Now come with me.


Arrived in Bastion, Kleia introduces you to the surroundings and the Kyrians. She mentions that not many have recently ascended to the chosen one and come to Bastion. Most souls fall victim to the throat.

Kleia: I am Kleia. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Bastion, home of the Kyrian.
Kleia: There is much that you must learn to thrive here, but all you need to know for now is that you were chosen.
Kleia: Your deeds in life have earned you a fate most noble. Some day you will earn your wings and fly amongst the ascended.
Kleia: Ah! It has been an age since I gave that little speech. The Greeter will deliver the rest but … hm … It seems it has languished in the drought …

WoW Shadowlands: Are We Really Dead? Introductory Quest Story Spoiler (3)

WoW Shadowlands: Are We Really Dead? Introductory Quest Story Spoiler (3)

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After a short tour of the outpost, our character faces Greeter Mnemis. You can ask him more questions, for example what the mawsworn and the throat are all about and whether you are really dead.

Greeter Mnemis: Which planet, existence, realm or form of existence do you come from?

Greeter Mnemis: I'm afraid that's not a fitting answer.
Kleia: Wait, Kyrian? In the throat? Just a hint …
Greeter Mnemis: Please indicate your world of origin.

Player: No really, this Maw / Kyrian issue seems pretty important.
Greeter Mnemis: I'm afraid that's not a fitting answer.
Greeter Mnemis: Please indicate your world of origin.

player: What if I'm not actually dead to him?

We understand that this form of your new reality may be difficult to accept. You are not the first, nor will you be the last to question its existence. Take some time to process this, then we will continue.

player: I am from Azeroth

Greeter Mnemis: Regards, residents of Azeroth. You have earned the most generous fate through your deeds in life. You are called to become a Kyrian!

Kleia: I'm sorry I didn't listen to you earlier, I was sure you would be …
Kleia: … I need a moment to think. Go and enjoy your stay as I think about what to do next.

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After a while, Keila decides that the Mawsworn threat should be taken seriously and that we should go to Archon, the leader of Bastion. However, one of the Archon guards, Kalisthene, tries to downplay the situation and dismisses the discussions.

Kalisthene: What is the meaning of this?
Kleia: There is a new arrival. I thought to enable the Greeter for them.
Kalisthenes: I can see. Regardless, our reseves are still too low to support this.
Greeter Mnemis: Goodbye.
Kleia: Ascended one, I require your aid. This newcomer speaks dire words. Kyrian of the Maw. Oribos–
Kalisthene: Bastion faces many challenges. We know the consequences of entering the Maw.
Kleia: This is different. We MUST speak to the Archon.
Kalisthene: The surest way to earn an audience with the Archon is to walk the path before you.
Kleia: I do not understand. Why won't you act?
Kalisthene: I want. You will continue as instructed.

So it turns out we're not really dead, but something terrible seems to have happened in the throat as Kyrians have joined the wrong side. That the Archon's guard does not consider this an emergency leaves much room for speculation.

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