Are you actually in the Shadowlands beta?

from Susanne Braun
The WoW: Shadowlands Alpha has been active since April 2020, the test servers have been brought into beta status since July 2020 and all kinds of fans of the online role-playing game can already romp around in the Shadow Lands. We want to know: Are you a beta tester or have you looked into the tube so far? And: do you even want to play the beta?

We still don't know on which day Blizzard will be planning the release of WoW: Shadowlands, pressing the red button on themselves and thus ending the era of Battle for Azeroth – as soon as something happens, you will of course be away from us Experienced. So that you can explore the Shadow Lands before December 31, 2020, because before this date Shadowlands should continue to appear as planned, the Devs from World of Warcraft have made their test servers available to a selected fan audience; At the end of April 2020 as an alpha version, now also as a beta, in which significantly more players can participate than before.

But not all of them! That is why we would like to know from you whether you are actually allowed to frolic with the Kyrians, Venthyr, Nachtfae and Nekrolords or not. Have you already had the chance to explore the idyllic splendor of bastions or the mystical forests of the Ardenwald? The war-torn plains of Maldraxxus or the uncanny goings-on in the vampire country Revendreth? Have you been allowed to run your favorite class or not? Take part quickly and without obligation in the following online role-playing survey! Please log in for this.

WoW Shadowlands: The new character creation in the video

And in the comments you can still leave us your opinion on the question: Are you actually interested in playing the beta or are you interested in Shadowlands a wet rubbish as long as the extension cannot be found on the live servers?

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