World of Warcraft: Shadowlands should appear this year – if everything goes according to plan. The eighth expansion will take us to the shadow lands. Also on board: a level squish, new mechanisms (such as the pacts), numerous new instances, raids and of course also: class changes en masse.

About the basic tenor of the WoW classes

The philosophy of the classes has changed many times since the World of Warcraft was founded. We saw new classes, new talents, removed (and added again) skills, new mechanisms and revised class resources. In short: After 15 years, no stone is lying on top of another.

The call for class individuality has long echoed through the sacred halls of Azeroth. In Shadowlands you want – so Blizzard Entertainment in an official blog post from April 2020 – back to the conscious decision to return. A specialization should therefore also keep what the name promises: an enhancement of a certain aspect of the respective class. Well, we're excited.

The balance druid in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Today I would like to go into the one specialization that has already accompanied me throughout my WoW life: the equilibrium druid. I haven't played any other specialization with such a continuity and I don't feel so comfortable with any other specialization – even though my dear little owl has had to endure so many design changes like hardly any other specialization.

A new expansion therefore always means a fundamental reorientation for me (and my beloved plush poultry) – also in Shadowlands. In the following I would like to introduce you to a few mechanisms and explain why I am looking forward to regaining it. I am not too interested in the numerous current discussions about the damage and the scaling of the individual skills – because, in my opinion, the mechanics themselves must first of all be fun.

Heart of the wild

Finally, this talent returned in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor is returning. Thanks to the heart of the wild, you actually felt like a real druid because the hybrid aspects of a druid have been enormously enhanced. Apart from the mighty serenity …

WoW: Shadowlands: What class changes are you particularly looking forward to? (3)

WoW: Shadowlands: What class changes are you particularly looking forward to? (3)

Source: Blizzard

… remind you of Ko'ragh in Hochfels? The boss with the magic immunity shield? I will never forget how I thrashed the boss with my cat claws in the mythical first kill at the time of the last shield phase – thanks to the heart of the wild. The puzzled faces of all the magicians, warlocks and Co. was then the icing on the cake.

The new (old) darkness

Since the introduction to "Wrath of the Lich King" we owls had been able to experience some variations of the darkness phase: sometimes as a Procc, sometimes as a static (and automatically moving pendulum), sometimes as a build-and-spend resource. The focus was always on the mutually reinforcing bonuses when the spells were used alternately.

I have learned one thing in recent years: as much as I hate RNG-based loot mechanisms, I like RNG-based class mechanisms. Because these introduce a certain exciting element into the otherwise quite static battles. That's why I personally liked the game style from "Wrath of the Lichking" and "Mists of Pandaria" the best.

Is the balance druid fun in WoW: Shadowlands?

It is of course still difficult to say at the current time whether the new classes, specializations, talents and skills will be fun in the context of the new world. But one thing I can definitely say right now: For me personally, the Shadowlands owl looks like one return to agree beloved mechanisms and I'm really looking forward to it.

What Shadowlands specialization are you looking forward to?

What do you think about the upcoming class changes in WoW: Shadowlands? Of course, I'm particularly interested in why you are looking forward to certain changes and why you think some changes don't make sense. Write me in the comments – I'm looking forward to it!

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