Deathloop, the new time travel shooter from Arkane Studios, will be released on September 14th for PC and Playstation 5. But what will be the next project of the developer studio?

Is there some kind of Arx Fatalis coming with vampires?

At the beginning of the year there were rumors that Arkane Studios was working on a game in a new fantasy brand. Now some more information emerged. The game is supposed to appear under the title “Omen” and become very dark. Vampires seem to play a big role. The release is planned for spring 2022. The insider “Point” also stated that he assumes that Arkane Studios and Microsoft will announce omen at E3. Probably with a CGI trailer, maybe even with a video showing gameplay.

The Arkane Studios are not a blank slate when it comes to fantasy worlds. The developer’s first title was Arx Fatalis, a role-playing game inspired by the classic Ultima Underworld that was set in a vast cave world, as the surface of the planet had become too cold for life after the sun went out. The aspect of the so-called “Immersive Sims” was in the foreground. The player had to find solutions to problems himself, using the environments and items that were available to him. A dark RPG with “Immersive Sim” gameplay in a world full of vampires would be very interesting.

Since the Arkane Studios belong to Bethesda and thus also to Microsoft, Omen will probably be a PC and Xbox exclusive game. We should then learn more about E3 – provided the information is correct.

Those: Resetera

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