Artifact 2.0: Beta is just around the corner – game updates

from André Linken
The next phase of the beta test for the reboot of the trading card game Artifact will soon begin. As Valve announced, all players who already have the original version will receive an email in the next week. Then there is a kind of lottery.

The starting shot for the next beta phase of the reboot of the digital trading card game Artifact will soon be given. This emerges from a current message from Valve. A specific date is not yet known. However, in the course of the next week, all those players who already own or have owned the original version of Artifact will receive a corresponding email.

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It contains instructions for participating in a type of lottery, which is intended to determine which players are allowed to participate in the next beta phase of Artifact 2.0 first. Only when all players of the original version have been viewed will the beta be opened to all other interested parties. How long the beta will run is not yet known. However, the developers have announced that they want to take more time this time than before the original release. Valve also answered a few key questions about the trial, including content and restrictions. Here is an overview of some of the points:

What do we test?
Gameplay, balance, hero identity, color identity, social functions, unlocking cards, game rankings, recordings, watching and the campaign.

What are we not testing?
Some gameplay modes will be locked. Tournament and election modes, other than hero choice, will not be available until we add more players. The tutorial is disabled because we only invite players from the original game. The campaign should therefore be a good reminder for all those who have not played for a long time.

Source: Valve

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