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In World of Warcraft, Thunder Bluff is the capital of the nature-loving tauren who roam the green plains of Mulgore. Built on a mountain, the colorful metropolis is one of the horde's safest hideaways. A WoW fan and 3D artist named Aleksandr Timoshenko recreated the realistic version of Thunder Bluff down to the last detail in Unreal Engine 4.

Cairne Bloodhoof was the chief of the Bloodhoof Tribe and the founder of Thunder Bluff, the capital of the Tauren in WoW. The Tauren metropolis was very popular with Horde heroes in Vanilla-WoW because the city was greener and friendlier than Orgrimmar or Lower City. So it's not surprising that WoW veterans associate some fond memories with Thunder Bluff. We have often reported on all sorts of Unreal Engine projects and you guys have big ones WoW cities like iron forge or even whole areas like Stranglethorn shown, which were stylishly implemented with the modern graphic framework. But this new artist project makes the hearts of Tauren fans beat faster!

The 3D artist Aleksandr Timoshenko captured the simple and primeval beauty of Donnerfels perfectly. He not only paid attention to the shape of the tents, but also to small details such as the decorations on the houses or the painting of the totems that stand around in the tent city. The view of the sharp-edged table mountains and the gentle plains of Mulgore behind them is also amazing. At this point we show you a few highlights, the rest of the pictures can be found in the artist's gallery on Artstation.

Aleksandr comments on his work like this:

"This is my project in the Warcraft universe. It's the village of Taurens created with UnrealEngine.
It was created with the help of megascans. The scene is using a fully dynamic lighting system.
Special thanks to Sergei Panin for the mentorship and feedback. "

And In this gallery you can see the tents and the associated inventory view individually. You can even see the coarse fabrics that cover the roofs of the tent city. The great hall and tower are also impressive and give Donnerfels a monumental touch. How do you like the realistic version of Thunder Bluff in Unreal Engine? Would you like WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) wish with this graphic style?

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