Artist shows prominent Warcraft figures as wild animals

from Tanja Adov
When artists pick up a pen, amazement is often inevitable! This also applies to WoW fan Mothka, who has already inspired us with several unique projects. We show you his latest work of art, which turns prominent figures from World of Warcraft into funny animals. Do you recognize all the heroes in the picture?

The WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth has introduced us to many new heroes and villains since its inception. There are the members of the Proudmoore family, the royal house of Zandalar or numerous other mysterious protagonists such as Bwonsamdi, the Loa of the dead. These figures are all characterized by their distinctive look. Sure, the celebrities from Azeroth and Co. should remain in the player's memory for a long time. This rule also applies to Warcraft heroes and villains who have played (and still play) major roles in recent years.

As these said WoW celebrities as dogs and Cats the artist and would guide us Warcraft fan Motha already before. The kittens of the community were particularly impressed, as the artist created the perfect interplay between the respective WoW characters and the purring fur balls.

In his current project, we get to see the iconic heroes and villains from Battle for Azeroth. This time, however, the focus is not on dogs or cats, but on all kinds of wild animals such as meerkats, martens and lemurs. We are curious if you can recognize all characters from the game on this illustration.

Magni as a meerkat, the proud Lady Priscilla Aschenwind as a seal, Furorion as a marten, Bwondsamdi as a lemur and Rexxar as a glutton are easy to spot. But what about this mysterious possum? Did you recognize the WoW character behind it? His hairstyle would best match Varian Wrynn, the late King of Stormwind. Funny "fun fact" on the side: The possums like to pose dead if there is imminent danger. That would fit with the absurd fan theory that Varian will one day be raised from the dead.

However, according to Mothka, the animals should be current characters and quest givers from Battle for Azeroth. Since King Varian fell in Legion, the possum might be more suited to Finn Schönwind from Boralus. What do you think? Which Warcraft hero could the mysterious possum represent? Let us know in the comments!

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