As a Kyrian, this is how you change the appearance of your Provost

from Sebastian Glanzer
In WoW Shadowlands, Kyrians can change the appearance of their Provost again afterwards. For this you travel to Bastion for Hero's Rest and then visit the Cliffs of Recreation.

Most of you will probably not have noticed while quests through WoW Shadowlands, but with the Bastion quest Your personal assistant, with which you choose your Provost, you have the choice between several Provost companions. But don't worry, you can change your provost as a Kyrian later.

Just speak with me Sika in Heldenrast (Bastion, 52.8 / 47.6). This Provost offers you the quest Your new best friend and choose a new assistant. Sika even assures you that your old Provost will not blame you for your choice. By the way, you only change the appearance of the Provost slightly, your personal assistant does not have any new skills.

The Cliffs of Recreation site mentioned by Sika is a small retreat for the otherwise very hardworking servants who become nervous and dissatisfied in the long run when they cannot help others.

WoW: This is how you as a Kyrian change the appearance of your Provost (2)

WoW: This is how you change the appearance of your Provost as a Kyrian (2)

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On their cliffs of relaxation, however, they by no means lie on their lazy skin, but train diligently with weights. You can even watch some of the Provost companions bench press. If you pay attention to the buffs of this Provost, you will see that they are super powerful!

The Provost of the Kyrians provides supporters of the angel people with a healing potion (three charges, removes debuffs) and allows you to change talents once a day for free. If you are not sure which of the four factions you are in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Shadowlands should join, can take a look at our guide which pact for which class and maybe make the choice a little easier.


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