As chic as an elf from WoW

from Susanne Braun
If you are currently bored of World of Warcraft and therefore bored in other game areas, you may still want a bit of WoW flair. If you are currently in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, WoW and AC fan Kuridel has great outfits for your little Mini Me.

As soon as a WoW expansion comes to an end, the tension curve sinks and many fans of the online role-playing game use the time to let off steam in other game areas. Nintendo's hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Switch console has recently been released, and many a WoW enthusiast is drawn to the cuddly, colorful world, where you can build your own village and catch wild animals.

WoW fan, artist and cosplayer Kuridel from Uruguay, who currently lives in Spain, is one of the fans of relaxed gaming entertainment. Kuridel, when you look at her social media channels, loves above all elves and did not want to do without the colorful and chic look of the sharp-eared fellows from Warcraft even in Animal Crossing. That's why she designed all kinds of clothes for your animal crossing villagers that she shares with you. These include clothes inspired by the night-born, blood elf princess dresses and outfits by the night elf druids have made it into their repertoire. Below you can see some pictures.

If you want to put on such a pretty dress for your villagers, you need a Nintendo online membership and the clothing store In Animal Crossing. As soon as you have access to the sister shop, you can use the kiosk for custom designs and add Kuridel's creator code, which is as follows: MA-2515-7855-0816. Then you can get all the elf dresses that Kuridel has designed so far. Over time, there should be more, so you should check the shop regularly if you want more cute clothes, from WoW (buy now for € 19.99) are inspired (via WoWHead).

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