Asmongold pauses stream for an indefinite period of time

of Sebastian Glanzer
Although WoW Shadowlands and his company OTK are just getting started, WoW's biggest streamer Asmongold is taking another stream break. The reason for this are probably personal problems in real life.

You love him, hate him or you can't do anything with the name. What is certain is that Asmongold continues to be the biggest WoW streamer on and draws the attention of many gamers to WoW. For the time being, fans will have to do without his entertaining streams. As Asmongold announced on Twitter, he is taking a WoW break for an indefinite period. The reason for this are countless things that you couldn't even list on Twitter, for example.

The otherwise active streamer has recently needed a break from streaming. At the beginning of 2019 and the end of 2019 he took a break for several months and only returned to his usual streaming rhythm at the beginning of April 2020. Streaming seems to get on the nerves of WoW streamer, but in the recent past it has also shown that problems in the private sector are troubling him. At the moment he's still streaming on his Second account zackrawrr.

His fans are worried, but also misinterpreted his first tweet. Asmongold will not stop streaming, it will just take a break. It is not clear how long it will be this time before he will host mount, transmog and other competitions on again. Others interpret the streamer's break in such a way that he now earns enough money on and is no longer interested.

Asmongold only co-founded in mid-September 2020 Mizkif, TipsOutBaby, Rich Campbell and It found his own esports organization OTK (One True King), which organized its own event for the World First Race at Nathria Castle. His new company was just getting started and the new WoW expansion Shadowlands is just getting started. This makes the time for a stream pause particularly noticeable. We can only wait and see when we next hear from Asmongold.

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