It is raining again discounts in the Ubisoft Store, mainly under the banner of Historical Sales: There are not very historical, but definitely good games, such as several Assassin's Creed parts, The Settlers and Far Cry: Primal.

If you have been flirting with the idea of ​​finally catching up on one or all of the Assassin’s Creed pieces, your time has now – maybe – come: Ubisoft store the discounts blow through the shelves and all in the context of historical sales. Let's not talk about how historic these games are, and instead pick a few highlights from the sale.

The highlights in the Ubisoft Historical Sale

Until February 27, 2020 you can still take advantage of the offers from the Historical Sale. Some of the titles are also worth buying:

Check out the whole Offer in the Ubisoft Historical Sale on.

In the history collection of The Settlers you get all seven parts modernized for your PC – look in the trailer:

The Nay-Lights in the Ubisoft Historical Sale

You should buy some other games in the sale elsewhere – at least if you want to save or just don't want to spend any money. There is also an assassin’s Creed: Syndicate for 21.00 euros, even though you're watching the game free of charge for the PC in the Epic Games store can download. This offer is also valid until 27th of February,

You should get the titles not at Ubisoft, but get from the following providers if they smile at you:

Remember: In general, you should always check with every sale whether the game is not even cheaper elsewhere. Not all offers in a sale are always good; and if you want to save seriously, a comparison is often worthwhile, I can also give you the great one for older (and DOS) games Games Library recommend. There are older games free to stream offered – so you don't need anything besides a mouse that clicks on 'Play'. I put together a few highlights from a while ago.

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In addition to Steam, the Epic Store and GOG, it is sometimes worth taking a look at the developers' in-house stores, where sales are held every now and then. Otherwise, you should keep your eyes open for any holidays – there are often quite good offers in the shops.