Matching accessories for the PlayStation 4 are often a must. Of course, Sony knows this long ago and offers, among other things, its own PS4 Gold Wireless Headset. Where you are currently getting the cheapest, we tell you in this article.

Especially in terms of communication in online games, a good headset may not be missing. Fortunately, there are currently ways to get much cheaper than the PS4 Gold Wireless Headset. Especially for owners of PlayStation VR, the offer should be interesting, since both devices are perfectly matched.

Sony PS4 Gold Wireless Headset for 59.99 euros instead 69.99 euros at GameStop

The dealer GameStop currently offers the PS4 Gold Wireless Headset for 59.99 euros instead 69.99 euros on. Although the headset was already available for just 5 euros less, this is still an extremely good price. The Shipping costs GameStop By the way, and thus it stays at the price.

Historical Price Development of the Sony PS4 Gold Wireless Headset

The headset has been on the market for some time and was relatively price stable except for a few outliers. In the middle of this year, the device was awarded the historic best price of just 54 euros, but that applies to the regular version of the headset in black. Other versions were still priced about it.

Price comparison loud idealo,

If you are urgently looking for a new headset for your PS4, a purchase could be worthwhile right now. However, it may well be that the prices tumble around Christmas again properly. Some patience on your part could pay off, in that Sony should decide to offer the headset again cheaper.

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Were you still looking for a suitable headset and have now struck? Or is the headset still too expensive for you? What exactly is important to you with a headset? Let us know in the comments.