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In addition to the already known bonuses, thanks to a new event at the start of Season 20 of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls you can immediately plunge into a cow level. The level suitably lies on the way to Kanai's cubes and grants you a few levels and items. Most of the work is done by the NPC fighting on your side.

As already mentioned in our comprehensive guide to Season 20 of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, some small changes will be made this season as well to make the new season tasty for the players. In addition to the usual changes such as a pair of new sets and a new season motto, there will also be a very special event at the start of Season 20.

Well, basically the event is active all March. In Kanai's hunting grounds, you can go to the Kanais hunting grounds immediately after receiving Kanai's dice. Don't forget to complete the special weekly rift to get gold, blood splinters and crafting materials. To get to the hunting grounds of Kanais, you simply turn into the throne room of Kanais, which then opens a small cow level for you. The goal is to defeat all mobs at this level.

If you start your game directly on Qual 1, you will get a lot of experience. For season veterans reaching level 70 in two hours or less, this won't be the fastest way to level, but for Ottonormal players, the event is a very nice boost.

"But agony 1 is too difficult at the beginning," one or the other will say. Yes, it is a bit annoying to get to Kanai's dice on agony 1, but in the hunting grounds you are accompanied by an NPC who does the dirty work for you and kills mobs almost single-handedly. Diablo-3-Youtuber Jessirocks shows you how it all looks in the video

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