Available on October 27th a new date for WoW: Shadowlands?

Things that are very likely to happen on October 27th, 2020: There are people who celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day. Or Navy Day in the USA. John Cleese is celebrating his 81st birthday, Roberto Benigni is 68 years old and violist Vanessa-Mae is 42. 42, eh? 42 is usually the answer to all questions thanks to Douglas Adams. But one question has not yet been answered: When is WoW: Shadowlands coming?

Actually, the thing should have been released on October 27, 2020. Then came the bang on October 1st, 2020: The development team decided to postpone the expansion. Not by two weeks, not by a month, but without specifying a new date. Since then, WoW fans have been in the proverbial limbo. Those who took a vacation especially for the Shadowlands release get annoyed, as do the players who shopped for the new adventure game time. Other supporters of the online role-playing game see the shift benevolently, but still ask themselves: When will this Shadowlands come?

Today, October 26th, 2020, one day before the original Shadowlands release, the question arises: Will the WoW (buy now 15.00 € )-Developers announce the new release date on October 27, 2020? After all, this date would be great for such an announcement. Or will we be delayed any longer? A look at the calendar reveals that the time for a new release date is running out, at least if the WoW expansion is to appear in 2020.

In November All appointments around the end of the month will probably fall because Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the USA on November 26th, 2020 and the folks at Blizzard Entertainment might want to treat themselves to a few days off. Earlier in November would be a possible date, however; here in Europe on November 11, 2020 at midnight or a week later on November 18 at midnight. Wrath of the Lich King and Warlords of Draenor also had a release in November, so it's not unlikely that Shadowlands will also be released in November.

The only question is how long the pre-event for Shadowlands is designed for. The pre-patch is already on the live servers, but the Scourge Invasion is not. If this is designed for a one-month period and starts directly on October 27, 2020, then the next possible release date would be November 25 – but as already mentioned, Thanksgiving will be celebrated shortly afterwards in the USA. So theoretically, December 2nd, 2020 would be the more likely release date. As already said: This can only be assumed with regard to a fixed duration of the pre-event.

How about December 9th, 2020? Shadowlands would also not be the first WoW expansion to be released early in December, Cataclysm already demonstrated that. The further the date for Shadowlands slips back, the less likely December becomes. December 16, 2020 might still be possible, but then the Christmas season will come and hardly any developer studio will mess up with a release and the associated bug fixing (many greetings to Bioware at this point). Especially since the start of the first season of Shadowlands would already be in January 2021.

For those in charge at Blizzard Entertainment, it would probably be nice and strategically sensible to send the players to the Shadowlands over the Christmas season. So a release on December 16th after all? After that, the next thing would be January, probably January 6th (not a public holiday in the USA by the way) or January 13th 2021. The Burning Crusade was also released in mid-January in this country, so that's not impossible.

Which date do you think is likely – and which one would suit you best? And do you think the Blizzard folks will announce a new date for Shadowlands tomorrow, October 27th?

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