Avowed: Obsidian's new RPG is likely to get multiplayer support

from Andreas Bertits
Obsidian Entertainment's recently announced role-playing game Avowed may have multiplayer support. This is indicated by a job advertisement at the developer.

With Avowed Obsidian Entertainment is working on the next big role-playing game. But it could well be that you are not alone in this, but play together with friends via a multiplayer mode.

Get Avowed a multiplayer mode?

Not much is known about Avowed yet. Obsidian Entertainment's new RPG takes place in the same world as the two role-playing games in the Pillars of Eternity series. The trailer also points to first-person vision. This also seems to confirm a job advertisement at the developer. A Combat Animator is sought there, who has experience in depicting battles in first-person view but also in 3rd persons. It is important that the employee knows about ranged combat. It is quite conceivable that you can change the perspective in the game between the ego and the pursuer.

We are also looking for a person who is familiar with dialog systems and branching conversations, which could indicate complex dialogues with NPCs. It is particularly interesting that several of the job advertisements refer to multiplayer systems. This seems to suggest that Avowed might have some kind of multiplayer mode. Maybe you can team up with friends to go on adventures together. Or the multiplayer mode is similar to Death Stranding and you can leave notes for other players in the game world.

Avowed is set to become an epic role-playing game that was announced for the Xbox Series X and PC, and which is said to surpass even Skyrim. Even if there are references to cross-platform in some of the job advertisements, you should not assume that the title will also appear for the PS5. Because Obsidian is now part of Microsoft. So the RPG should only appear for PC and Xbox Series X. Avowed does not yet have a release date.

Source: DualShockers

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