Avowed: What it has to do better than Pillars of Eternity

PCGames author Andreas Bertits is looking forward to the newly announced role-playing game Avowed. But since it takes place in the same world as Pillars of Eternity, he hopes for some changes.

Less is sometimes more

With Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment and Microsoft have that next game announced in the fantasy world of Eora. The two RPGs of the Pillars of Eternity series also play in this world. A PoE is not really expecting us, but a first-person role-playing game that could resemble Skyrim.

Pillars of Eternity 2 was not a success for Obsidian. In fact, it was so violent that the studio had to think about how to proceed with the series in the future. Now we know: Instead of another RPG in an isometric perspective, we get one from the first person view. But that's not all that has to change.

Pillars of Eternity looked a little cramped. It was basically a fairly classic fantasy world, but it threw around with sometimes inexpressible names and designations in order to be different. Why not take beautiful, simple terms for places in the world like "Haunted Forest of Dawn" instead of "Eir Glanfath" and similar tongue twisters? Just because the places have such strange names doesn't make them on PoE something we have never seen before. And that is a shame. Simply using strange terms for regular "things" seems strange.

In addition, Obsidian should perhaps turn back a little bit at the party members. It is not yet clear whether we have companions for an RPG from the first person perspective (which would be really cool). But if so, does everyone really have to have a personality that would make him king of patients even in a psychiatric institution? Of course, characters should be interesting, but in Pillars of Eternity this was completely exaggerated with sometimes hair-raising and forced-looking characters and background stories. Are there no relatively normal people in the world or does the hero always have to attract the craziest birds? Screwing back a little bit here would be interesting, because less is sometimes more.

How about a story that isn't about the end of the world or a crazy god? However, according to Avowed's first trailer, we seem to be drawn into a war against the undead – we can expect a very epic story instead of a slightly smaller and more personal one.

Avowed could be very interesting. However, at the moment you hardly know anything about the game. A little less exaggerated and forced "different" than in PoE, but it can be.

Do you agree here or was Pillars of Eternity so good for you that Obsidian Entertainment should now basically develop a PoE in first person view? Are there other things that bothered you about the quasi-predecessors of Avowed? Let us know in the comments.

Avowed: New role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment appears in the first trailer