from Tanja Barth
Even after 15 years, the beauty of the landscapes of the classic world of World of Warcraft is unmatched. The best proof of this are the numerous mini graphics from the digital pen of the talented pixel artist MirruTatep. The pixel graphics show the many different areas in Azeroth and are a wonderful homage to the good old days when we explored WoW on foot.

The Pixel artist MirruTatep created fantastic and very atmospheric pixel graphics, which he presented on the Internet a few days ago. The little works of art that show many different landscapes from World of Warcraft are something unique. Because pixel art requires a special eye, after all, not only the composition but also the interplay of light and colors has to be perfect. Only then can the viewer clearly see the portrait of a figure or the landscape.

We are amazed at how much patience and attention to detail MirruTatep worked on its numerous WoW pixel graphics. The sunrise in the sky over the dwarf capital Eisenschmiede or the radiant light over the steppe of the wasteland are simply breathtaking! But convince yourself and check out the numerous small ones Artwork by MirruTatep on Twitter at.

Every single graphic perfectly captures the mood of every WoW area. Some WoW veterans can even guess where exactly to find the spot shown in the pictures. There are tons of pixel artists romping around on the net, who revive the old charm of Warcraft I and many other retro games and series from past decades with their work. It is a real miracle that you can create such great works of art with "primitive" graphic tools. You can find more works of art by MirruTatep on Instagram. Just have a look!

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