Babies. These little creatures with round faces, big eyes and a little snub nose. You just have to love them and pretty much everyone and everything was sweet as a baby – even creatures like Master Yoda! This proves the Star Wars action series The Mandalorian on Disney +. Attention, spoiler danger!

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is one of the series that are already available on the streaming portal Disney + in some countries since 12 November 2019. In Germany, however, we still have to wait until March 31, 2020. It's about a lone fighter who earns his money as a bounty hunter five years after the demise of the Empire and keeps himself afloat through smaller deals. Over time, a very lucrative job, which he likes to accept opens up for him.

His quest to fulfill his mission is disturbed when he encounters a child of the same species that includes Jedi Master Yoda. The protagonist takes the child into his care and will probably not be able to complete this assignment as planned.

Cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy.

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Sweet, sweet, baby Yoda

We all know Yoda as a fictional character. An invention by George Lucas for the Star Wars series that flickered across the screens in 1980. In the original trilogy, he coached Luke Skywalker to prepare him for the fight against the Galactic Empire and help him with words and deeds. At this time, however, he is already a very old master.

Different though as a baby. "As a baby you have to be cute" is probably the guiding principle of the small green heap from The Mandalorian. Presumably it is not Yoda directly, but the child of him and Yaddle. Enchanting and making you fall into an "awwwww" is certainly enough for this cute guy.