Turtle Rock Studios are offering a glimpse into the future of Back 4 Blood. In a current Twitter post, the developers show the roadmap for the remaining months of the year – and for 2022. In November, a major update is due, which includes extensive bug fixes and a number of quality-of-life improvements. In December, for example, a Christmas event is waiting for you in the co-op shooter. It has not yet been determined which special features and rewards are due. In addition to a new training facility for the Ridden, Back 4 Blood will also get a solo offline mode with campaign progression in December 2022.

The December update for Back 4 Blood will also introduce new cards and types (buy now 64,39 € /53,99 € ) give. The developers have also planned a number of innovations for 2022. So for the coming year, among other things, new player cards, a new level of difficulty and a new co-op mode are due.

There are also updates for hand-to-hand combat and other quality-of-life improvements. The developers have not yet communicated specific dates for the individual updates. The roadmap with the outlook for the coming months can be found in the tweet below. You can find out how well Back 4 Blood performed in global tests in our rating overview. The video below shows how the co-op shooter, based on the Left 4 Dead gameplay, plays. Back 4 Blood is available on PC and consoles.

Back 4 Blood vs. Left 4 Dead 2 | Is new really always better?

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