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The fans of the Bad Boys film series with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence can look forward to another episode. As can be seen from a current report, the starting shot has already been given for a fourth branch. Chris Bremner is to write the script for this. No further details are known so far.

The new action comedy Bad Boys for Life (also known as Bad Boys 3) has hardly been in the cinemas for a week, as there are already first signs of a successor. The trailers released so far always indicated that the current film was the last joint adventure of the duo Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett (played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence). But Columbia Pictures already seems to have other plans.

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As a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter shows, the production company has already given the go-ahead for the preparatory work on Bad Boys 4. According to the information available so far, the author Chris Bremner should write the screenplay for the new film again – just like in the third part of the series. So far, however, no further details are known, nor is there an answer to the question of whether Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will actually return to the screen together.

In view of the current success of Bad Boys for Life, it is hardly surprising that there are concrete plans for the future. Just a week after the launch, the film grossed more than $ 118 million worldwide. With a budget of around $ 90 million, he is already in the black. So a fourth episode would be very interesting from a financial perspective alone.

Bad Boys For Life: The first trailer with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence:

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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